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Magic of Light - Awakening

29th and 30th April 2022

"Magic of Light - Awakening" is the name of the exhibition by ten South Tyrolean artists who are making their contribution to drawing attention to the role of museums for society. The artists' collective presents works that invite the viewer to reflect, stimulate the mind or trigger curiosity when looking at them. Messages and symbols packed into the exhibits are to be fathomed. The confrontation with one's own inner light wants to inspire to break open for change. It is worth visiting the exhibition at different times of the day to view the exhibits displayed in the garden depending on the changing daylight.



Walter Blaas, Blackativa, Franziska Egger, Andy Geier, Christian Gufler, Petra Holzknecht, Xander Luchs, Sylvia Neulichedl, Hansjörg Oberprantacher, Florian Prünster, Bernhard Reiterer, Peter Tribus

Kunstausstellung_Magie des Lichts
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