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20th May - 12th November 2023

In memory of the artist Franz Stähler, who died in 2018, renowned international artists and young

up-and-coming artists from South Tyrol are organising the exhibition FREE FOR ART.


"You can't learn art. At least not everything about it, the most valuable and important thing about it

can only be realised can only be realised if you don't take your head too seriously. There are some

things that lie beyond beyond language and intellect." 

-Franz Stähler


"Sculptures as a never-ending invitation for our eyes to look and learn to see." Whatwhat if the world

were really free, new and innocent before our eyes? What would happen to our suffering? Is it perhaps

only in our imagination that there is always something to understand, to change, to pursue? An

important aspect of Stähler's art was simplicity, a judicious selection of materials and resources, giving new life to discarded and rejected parts through art, preserving and honouring the old. Stähler called them "gifts to the earth."


Franz Stähler, the sculptor born in Germany in 1956, already enjoyed a great reputation during his lifetime, particularly in southern Europe. His works have been shown at exhibitions in China, Paris, Basel, Bologna, Monaco, Cannes, Frankfurt and Turin, among others. Today, his works are part of private and public collections in Europe, Asia and the USA.  



Franz Stähler +, Caterina Aicardi, Marie Amos, Beatrix Cameron, Siegmund Geiser, Anna Giorlomini, Patrizia Garavini, Paolo Marcolongo, Sandro Lorenzini, Hélèna Krajewicz, Rob Rowlands, June Stapleton, Paul Stapleton, Karl Manfred Rennertz, Mirta Morigi, Michele Kleijnen, Ana Cecilia Hillar, Oscar Dominguez, Anna Maria Matola, Simone Turra, Joseph Khuen, Lorenz Hofer, Clara Mayr, Lukas Mayr, Laura Pan, Elias Perkmann, Carl Pfeil, Fabrizio Senoner, Ariel Trettel.


Exhibition opening: Saturday, 20.05.2023


Finissage: Sunday, 12 November 2023


In collaboration with:

Kränzelhof, Municipality of Lana, Foundation Sparkasse, Miil

Free for Art Plakat

Photos: Alexander Luchs

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